New Year's Eve Menu

02 Moom Mam Salle - New Year's Eve menu

Moom Mam New Year's Eve menu - 198 € / pers

New Year's tasting menu 2024
in 6 courses


First Course
Grapefruit salad, langoustine,
Prik Pao sauce.

Second Course
Scallops cooked in shells,
lemongrass, green pepper Pad Cha sauce.

Third Course
Bites of lobster, black truffle,
wrapped in a veil of rice, fried and served crispy.

First Course
Marinated sole, garlic and pepper,
lightly spiced, crunchy vegetables.

Second Course
Beef fillet a la plancha,
mild curry sauce with Massaman.

Grilled glutinous rice, taro flavoured with Baiteuil

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