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Moom Mam is the not-to-be-missed Thai restaurant in Paris , a name that evokes a trip to the other side of the world. A dedication to Thailand and its generous, authentic cuisine. A concentrate of Thai essentials in the heart of cosmopolitan Paris.

Thai Restaurant Paris Moom Mam | Green Curry with Shrimps

The Menu

Here is an excerpt from our map:

Tam Jai MENU - 75 €
Discovery 6 steps


Bo lan - 20 €
Tasting bouquet composed.

Yam Nuae Yang - 25 €
Grilled beef fillet salad, seasoned with Thai herbs, spices and lime.


Chuchi Pla - 32 €
Grilled sea bass fillet a la plancha, with chuchi curry.

Suae Rong Hai - 39 €
Tear of the tiger. Marinated and grilled beef fillet, tamarind, lime and chillies.


Poa Pia Lava - 14 €
Mini chocolate egg rolls.

Khaow Niow Mamoung - 15 €
Sticky rice with coconut milk and fresh mango.

The Restaurant

Chic and cosy atmosphere at MoomMam restaurant in Paris

The chic and subdued atmosphere of the Moom Mam plunges you into an exotic experience where Thai elegance will seduce you.

Paris 9th, district of theaters and department stores, at the corner of the street Mogador and the street Joubert, Moom Mam opens its terrace and its 80 place settings to the Parisians and tourists of the whole world.
An invitation to the delicacy and the Thai art of living.

The fusion of Asia and Parisian chic, it's at Moom Mam!

The Drinks

To make you travel to the "land of smiles", Moom Mam concocts its list of bewitching house cocktails.

On the program, prepare yourself for paradisiacal dreams with the " Siam Paradise " or project yourself on the most beautiful beaches of Thailand with a " Mekong Sour ".

To finish on a point of love and passion: unstoppable to prolong the night, the " Tom Yam Mojito "spices up the traditional red pepper Mojito.

The passion of Thailand at Moom Mam, for a direct trip to Bangkok

The crazy Thai nugget of the 9th

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